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Hi, welcome to the U6 Personal Training Program. You are currently in the DEMO view which allows players the chance to navigate through the features of the webpage before purchasing a membership.

Below are the training components that you can practice at home or down the park with a friend. View the video files to get a better understanding of the activity and then practice hard to improve your game.

Players can design their own Personal Training Program Session. Print and Save the session to keep a record of what you have practiced. If you have unsure what to practice then select one of the pre-designed session, it is as easy as a few clicks.

"Be feared by your opponent"

The duration of the session is to be 60 minutes in length with short drink breaks every 10 minutes. The session is to be highly dynamic and motivating for all players. Quick changes of activities and clear simple coaching points must be adhered to. Cue words, self talk and step by step approach to the breakdown of skills are important. Repetition of exercise and drills from week to week with new skills added once players have demonstrated competency.

Running & Balance

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Running & Balance

Balancing Skills

Figure 8

Figure 8 on ground

Pickup Grass

Running Techniques U5/6

Check out these video files. They will educate, motivate and inspire you to be the best you can be.

Appropriate Gear

Make sure you always have on the right gear! Remember to have good protective shin pads and keep your shirt tucked in.

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Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

Need help selecting a practice session to do at Home. Click one of the sessions below, print up the session and find some space and a ball.

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